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CONMEBOL or CSF (CONfederación sudaMEricana de FútBOL, South American Football Confederation) is the governing body of football in most of South America.
It was founded July 9, 1916, thanks to Uruguayan Héctor Rivadavia Gómez who materialized his project of uniting football around the continent. Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile were the founder nations, during the course of a successful South American football tournament that was taking place in Buenos Aires as part of the commemorations of Argentina's independence centenary (later on, this tournament was retrospectively acknowledged as the first Copa América). Paraguay (1921), Peru (1925), Bolivia (1926), Ecuador (1927), Colombia (1936) and Venezuela (1952) also became members of the South American confederation. Nowadays CONMEBOL is part of FIFA and is in charge of all professional football activities in the aforementioned countries. The permanent headquarters are located in Luque, Paraguay (near Asunción); and the actual president (until 2006) of the Executive Committee is Dr. Nicolás Leoz.
Even though they are located in South America, Guyana, Suriname and the French département d'outre-mer of French Guiana are not members of CONMEBOL - for historical and cultural reasons, their national associations are members of CONCACAF.
Among the tournaments conducted by CONMEBOL are the Copa Libertadores de América (analogous to the UEFA Champions League) and the Copa Sudamericana (analogous to the UEFA Cup), both for club teams, and Copa América for men's national teams.

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